Greeting from Gieobooks

Tazano Co., Ltd. was established in Jan 2016, located in Hanoi Vietnam, started up as an online book distribution agency.

With the love of books and the desire to bring more variety choices for Vietnamese readers, Tazano boldly built a team to develop book publishing and officially joined into the Vietnamese book village from June 2018 with our own brand - Gieobooks.

As a new commer of publishing field, we are always aware of the need to learn and inprove our experience and  professional skills day by day. We hope through the time, Gieobooks will slowly "sow  the beautiful and meaningful seeds” into each reader’s heart  to let everybody find the joys from each little page, and “reaping success from the knowledge” that books and  Gieobooks bring to you.

Many thanks and look forward to receiving the support from dear readers of Gieobooks  in the near future.

Best regards,

 From Gieobooks team

Gieobooks – Sow knowledge, reap sucess


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